anna irene lewis 

studying the depths of the unknown, anna uses oil paints as her tool of exploration. she creates captivating images that fixate the viewers mind into a level of transcendence. by blending vibrant colors and manipulating shapes, a harmonious contrast is presented and invites the curiosity of our spiritual nature. when anna is not painting in oregon, usa, she’s traveling internationally as a field consultant and has lived in myanmar, uganda, kenya, and ghana. 

what inspired you to paint nebulae? 

the first time I truly saw the milky way camping outside of flagstaff, I knew I wanted to capture what that moment was like in a painting. I felt inspired to learn more and came across the most amazing deep spaces images of nebulae. I love that when I’m painting them, it looks abstract, but it is realism. I want to spark curiosity and put people in awe when they look at my artwork. the same way space does when you look into the night sky. 

what do you do when you’re not feeling inspired to paint? 

steven pressfield wrote a book called “the war of art.” he says he forces himself to sit down to write for at least 4 hours. he doesn’t worry how badly he writes. he just writes. I try to remind myself of this when I sit down to paint. especially in times when I have not created in a while, it can be challenging to start. I try not to focus on my mistakes because of how “rusty” I feel and instead trust that the flow will come with consistency and presence. a good podcast or playlist always helps me stay focused and get started too.

how do you know when a painting is done? 

honestly, this is one of my biggest challenges. I feel like I can work on a painting forever, but I try to stop when I feel good about it. if I love it and it looks close to what I want it to look like, then I am done. I’ll never give a painting to a collector if I am not satisfied with it. 

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